On The Road Again

Hi all!

Took a quarantine hiatus, during which I determined to move this Citizenship email to Medium.

As a refresher & for those new to the list, I share infrequent notes on the theme of active citizenship. In 2016, I realized how little I had been engaged in my citizenship, mainly because I was not paying attention, thinking “politics” is something not for me (until becoming obsessed with Hamilton), and overall being unaware of the responsibilities that come with being a quality, contributing citizen of the USA.

We — you and me — we are empowered to indirectly, if not directly, determine the direction our city, state and nation takes.

To get to where we want to go, we need to listen, to be open, to speak intelligently to ballot topics, to act, to vote, to get involved and get moving.

I’ve been informally sending an email to a growing list of subscribers across the country since 2017.

Thank you all for your feedback over the past couple of years.

I source information from a boatload of credible places and share the sources. And, I am a personal fan of two info-curators & journalists — Axios and Dave Pell’s Next Draft.

Unlike those information sources, I’m not writing on the news of the day, but more so on active citizenship.

I aim to keep this non-partisan.

If I inform, in these posts, about a particular action or words of an elected official — I am sharing it bc I think it’s something important for you to know, upon which you make your own decisions and form your own opinions. I will not twist facts — but I will share facts.

And I will share opinion about things like — the definition of leadership, for example.

My opinion: Leaders listen. Leaders appreciate diversity of thought & in representation. Leaders are accountable. Leaders take blame. Leaders apologize. Leaders put other people first.

My opinion: Our government needs more leaders. What’s your opinion?

The next 187 days is about uncovering the leaders running in your local elections, your state races, and on the national scene — in Congress as well as for President.

It’s about knowing where those everyday people running for office, people like you, stand on topics that are meaningful to you and the greater community.

It’s about investing precious time to do that — it’s about checking your information sources and not being misled by social media posts or email forwards.

187 days until November 2020 election day.

Do you know who represents you — from City Council to the Presidency — and do you know where they stand?

Common Cause is an easy tool to find this information — and is a broad resource on the road to more active representation.

I’ll also share things like —

As of April 25th, the US Senate has confirmed 193 judges (including 2 Supremes) that the current President has nominated. That is 31 more than when I last wrote about this just five months ago in mid-November. While we were enjoying our holidays, getting back to work and then sheltering in place, this was happening. Many (if not all) of these are lifetime appointments, meaning the Executive Branch has large influence on what the Judicial Branch of our government looks like and how they weigh in on decisions that impact our lives and our kiddos and theirs, etc.

These appointments do not reflect the diversity of our greater nation.

If that concerns you — call & write your Senator, the White House; vote; inform others and help others to vote. You have power. Don that citizen cape.

Which reminds me. Currently watching Mrs. America on Hulu about the ERA movement and Phyllis Schlafly & the Silent Majority — really well done.

I hope this finds each of you healthy and safe.


And because it was his birthday yesterday and we’re all likely more than ready to get out of the house —

On the road again
Goin’ places that I’ve never been
Seein’ things that I may never see again
And I can’t wait to get on the road again

— Willie Nelson

Woke last night to the sound of thunder. How far off i sat and wondered.