duct tape for democracy

Be the engaged citizen your dog wants you to be.
Be the engaged citizen your dog wants you to be.

Set 2021 Engaged Citizen Intentions

Lafayette named LaGrange, as it reminded him of his farm in France. Today, in some expat circles, the town is also lovingly referred to as LaStrange.

A statue of Marquis de Lafayette presides over downtown in my hometown of LaGrange, Georgia. Lafayette was a French military man who, among other things, volunteered his time and money to support the Americans and their fight to establish a democracy in the Revolutionary War.

  • Nov. 18: Absentee ballots begin going out
  • Dec. 7: Deadline to register
  • Dec. 14: Early In-Person voting begins
  • Jan. 5: Election Runoff

“All you Black folks, you must go
All you Mexicans, you must go
And all you poor folks, you must go
Muslims and gays
Boy, we hate your ways
So all you bad folks, you must go” — A Tribe Called Quest

This beautiful North Carolina environment brought to you by Mother Nature & conservationists and is not to be taken for granted.

I have waited a long time to see Bo & Luke Duke sport the pride flag. (Would love to give credit to someone for this photo of the General Glee. Pls advise if known.)

Discarded campaign stickers as seen in friends’ garage in Waco, TX

YES to face plants. NO to face palms.

crista bailey

Woke last night to the sound of thunder. How far off i sat and wondered.

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